Writing Influences

Every communicator brings a worldview that influences their work. It's integral to how they communicate, and whether they can be flexible enough to bring life to your brand's style and tone of voice. My personal background has informed editorial, educational, and marketing content efforts as I work to research and understand your brand's audience and its fears, hopes, and desires. From there, it's an easy path to positioning your product or service as the perfect match.


Growing up as a young Cape Verdean in New England profoundly influenced my approach to writing prose in several significant ways. This unique background would provide a rich tapestry of experiences, multicultural nuances, and perspectives that I daresay have greatly enriched my work.

Multicultural Perspective

The experience of navigating between Cape Verdean and American cultures offers a unique lens through which I view the world. In my prose, this might manifest as a deep understanding of cross-cultural dynamics, the ability to draw from diverse backgrounds authentically, or the skill to weave different cultural elements seamlessly into brand storytelling.

Rich Language and Dialects 

Being exposed to a blend of Creole, Portuguese, and English, as well as other languages, I enjoy a heightened sensitivity to language nuances, dialects, and idiomatic expressions. This linguistic diversity often adds depth and authenticity, capturing the essence of messaging more vividly.

Themes of Identity and Belonging

The experience of growing up in a dual-culture environment often involves exploring themes of identity, belonging, and cultural duality. As a writer with this background, I sometimes naturally gravitate towards these themes, exploring them in nuanced and personal ways. It enriches my research and creation of unique personas.

Historical and Social Context

My early years were a period of significant social and political change in America. I draw on this historical and social context to provide a rich backdrop for narratives. It further informs my ability to identify deeper themes and throughlines that resonate with customers.

Narrative of Immigration and Resilience

The immigrant experience, with its inherent struggles and triumphs, is available to me. Stories of resilience, adaptation, and the pursuit of the American dream could form compelling narrative arcs that resonate with a wide range of readers.

Sensory Richness

Growing up in a culturally vibrant community, with its distinctive foods, music, and traditions, leads me to create messaging that can be rich in sensory details. Descriptions of pain points, circumstances and solutions, might be imbued with vivid sensory elements, making the prose more immersive and engaging.

Empathy and Depth in Characterization

Personal experiences of feeling different, adapting to new environments, and bridging cultural gaps can foster deep empathy. A writer with this background values emotional depth and complexity, reflecting the nuanced understanding of human experiences, desires, fears, and hopes. I use this to position your product or service in human terms.

Appreciation of Music and Folklore

The influence of Cape Verdean music and folklore is discretely woven into my writing style, using rhythm, pacing, and storytelling techniques that reflect these cultural elements.