Every brand is a story.

I am the brand storyteller who transforms your narrative into an unforgettable customer experience.

I bring a unique combination of expertise with eight years in content and copywriting, coupled with ten years in data and management. Utilizing the strengths of AI and data insights, I aim to connect with your audience in a way that is both meaningful and impactful. My philosophy centers around crafting content that is human-centric and memorable, supported by strong stakeholder and team collaboration, AI, and robust data. Together, let's unveil the compelling story of your brand.

Editorial. Email. Direct Mail. Pay-Per-Click. Video Scripts. Brochures. Signage.


Your brand's narrative is not just told; 

it's experienced.

Creating engaging content isn't just about crafting stories; it's about forging connections that deeply resonate with your audience.


With my background in integrating cutting-edge AI tools into content strategy, your brand stays ahead of the curve, using data-driven insights to captivate and engage.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Discover content that engages, learns, and adapts to your audience's evolving preferences. 

Creative Prompt Engineering 

Using a blend of leadership, creativity and technical acumen, I produce content to perfectly align with your brand's voice and your audience's expectations.

Strategic Project Management 

With hands-on magazine strategy experience, I bring projects to life within timelines and budgets.

Data-Driven Insights

My approach is rooted in analytics. From PPC strategies to databases to entity analytics, I interpret data to create content that drives measurable results.

Technical Proficiency 

As an Oracle Certified Professional Database Administrator, I bring a rare combination of storytelling prowess and technical expertise.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with Delma on several creative projects in our tenure together at Bluegreen Vacations. She turned me on to the power of AI and how to leverage data insights to connect with audiences in a meaningful way. Her ability to seamlessly integrate research and creative storytelling into her content creation process demonstrates a unique talent to guide customers from awareness to conversion.

At the heart of Delma's philosophy is a commitment to human-centric content that leaves a lasting impression. Her dedication to crafting narratives that resonate on a personal level reflects a deep understanding of the human experience. This insight extends to her ability to collaborate with demanding stakeholders and variety of personalities within our team. I highly recommend Delma for anyone seeking a top-notch content creator with a keen attention to detail. — Dean, Creative Director

Delma is such an amazing person to work with! She is forever seeking new challenges and learning new information to expand her skill-set and contribute to her projects. She has a pleasant nature, a calm approach to difficult tasks, and is well-liked by colleagues, making Delma a great person to have on a team. I would jump at an opportunity to collaborate with her again and would highly recommend her work. Jayne, Digital Literacies Expert

Delma has lent her expertise and insight on 2 projects I had - one involving content strategy for a blog type of digital product, and a user-testing session for an online booking flow. The path she had mapped out for the blog was strong hierarchically and covered all topics a user visiting the site might be interested. She was also instrumental during the lightening user-testing session to add her insights about copy that could be added or changed that would add clarity to the user experience.

Delma is also a great person to work with! She's always smiling. She always has something thoughtful and enlightening to say. I love working with Delma, and any company is lucky to have her. – Kristin, Lead Product Designer

Delma is awesome! I've worked with Delma in Creative Marketing for over 9 years. She's easy to get along with and welcomes new ideas. She will take the time to listen to you and give feedback. It's a two-way street. It's been a pleasure. 

Sara, Digital Production Manager

Delma worked within my marketing group for the past three years and proved to be a tremendous asset in that time. She is one of the most capable marketing / IT information professionals it has been my privilege to work with in a number of years. She possesses a unique ability to grasp complex project concepts / situations quickly and with full understanding of what needs to get done. She has a keen eye for detail and is always acquiring new business knowledge, application skills and a greater understanding of marketing data. Delma always goes the extra mile and was a constantly taking on additional responsibilities within the group to expand her experience and knowledge base. Delma is and would be a valuable asset to any company or organization and I would recommend her without reservation. — Dan M, Customer Experience, Marketing, Project Management, Data Analytics


The AI Exchange

Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute

Statement on Use of AI

"At the heart of my creative process is a deep appreciation for the power of AI. It's not about replacing the art of writing, but rather enhancing it. AI allows those of us who are passionate about crafting words to dedicate more time to refining our final output. It serves as a valuable tool, aiding in skill acquisition, work analysis, and offering fresh avenues for creative expression.

While it may be tempting to let AI do all the work, I believe that true writers thrive on challenges. We relish the opportunity to mold a great message, continually assessing, learning from, and fine-tuning the AI-generated output. AI is a partner in our creative journey, not a replacement, enriching our craft and pushing us to new heights of excellence."